Summer Camping


I’ve made it no secret that I hate camping. But it is a family tradition my husband tries to keep alive.  So, like a good wife, I try to compromise and participate whenever he gets it in his mind to go.  Being the girly girl I am, camping poses a problem for my beauty, fashion, and hygiene needs.  Between the bugs, dirt, lack of proper bathroom facilities and the air mattress furnished tent, I struggle to keep it all together.  These days I try to stay prepared and pack for the occasion.  Here are a few must haves for the inexperienced girly girl on her first camp trip.

Wipes- You will need a variety of them. Baby wipes, Handi-wipes, face wipes and feminine wipes.  Do all you can to stay fresh from head to toe.  I still like to bring a small container of soap and bottled water when I feel the wipes aren’t enough and there isn’t a space to shower properly.  

Repellent- If you’re anything like me I’m trying to repel everything! So, daily I spray myself, my child, and my husband (sometimes when they’re not looking) head to toe.

Sunscreen-Always protect your skin. Remember the mountains are closer to the sun. It will be easier to burn.

Thermals/ Sweats– The nights get real cold in them mountains. Do all you can to dress warm in the evenings.

Warm Coat (that is washable)– This will also help with the chilly nights. A good puff coat will usually do the job.

Hiking Boots-If you plan on doing any hiking these will come in handy.  Perfect for stepping over and on sticks, logs, and rocks.

Flip Flops– Our hikes usually lead us to the river or lake so I like to keep a pair of flip flops ready.  A durable pair of water shoes also works if you plan to step in the water.

Tanks, T-shirts, & Flannel Tops-I recommend dressing in layers.  Though the nights and mornings are extremely cold the daytime hours are quite the opposite.  If you layer the tank, under a T-shirt, and flannel button up you’ll be ready to peel when the weather warms up.

Old Jeans & Shorts– Jeans are durable and easy to wash.  Bring a old pair that you don’t mind getting dirty, stained or even ripped. Try tucking them into your boots to protect from bugs.  Shorts are great for when you reach the river or lake locations. 

Bathing Suit– Though I love a great two piece, I would recommend you find a cute one piece for a camp trip.  Rivers and lakes are full of rocks, fish, and other things. Try to keep you midsection covered and protected from this part of nature.

Gloves & Socks– These will not only keep you warm but will help protect our skin from dirt and bugs.

Ditch the Make Up– Though you still may want to be cute, try to either nix or limit your make up routine.  The dirt and dust will gravitate to your face.  Also, with limited restroom facilities it will be difficult to properly clean your face each night. 

Ponytail Holders & Braids– I don’t want to worry about my while out camping. I try to make prior arrangements to braid my hair or have it in a low maintenance style that I don’t have to fuss with everyday.



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