Recycle, Refashion, Reuse

Tired of some of your closet items?  Create new fashion items by upcycling what you already have. Here are some simple things to try out and add a new persona to your old clothing. Dying it. Change the color or revive the original tint. You can even go vintage and try the tie dye method. […]

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Tuesday Thrift Tip

Is that new pair of leather pumps fitting a bit snug?  Put them on and blow a warm dryer over your new shoe. This will stretch the material and prepare them for when you’re ready to wear them out and about.

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What’s Your Color?

What’s your color?  Finding the best colors for your skin tone, hair color and undertones can be a challenge but there is a simple way to dress in your best tints and shades. Use these simple steps to discover what colors look best on you. Step 1 Collect colors– Gather closet items of various colors. […]

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Fashion Investments

Though I am a trendy thrift fashionista, I do believe that there are some fashion items you should invest in.  If you can find it at a thrift deal on these items great! But if you can’t, save and budget to get these items. In the long run you’ll get more than  your money’s worth. […]

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Trendy Thrift Look of the Week

 It’s going to be a colorful summer. I thought I’d get started with some simple style. Here’s the style break down: Black Strapless Dress- FREE (Diva Auction), Silver Cuff $5.00-(Santa Cruz Flea Market), Patterned Blazer -$1.00 (SPCA Thrift Shop), Silver Tear Drop Earrings-$1.00 (Galt Auction)-Trendy Thrift Total $7.00 For more trendy thrift tips, ideas, advice […]

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Tuesday Thrfit Tip

Is your body too Bootylicious?  Or maybe you just want it to be.  To reduce the appearance of your backside wear bottoms that are dark colored and without embellishments or back pockets.  But if you’re trying to add a little junk to your trunk wear lighter colors below, back pockets, embellishments or even light fading […]

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Dressed in Black

Sometimes we can get so bored with wearing black.  Its dark, gloomy and such a typical go-to when it comes to fashion. But I have a few suggestions for how to wear black and not look like you’re off to a memorial service. SMXLL   Show some skin– Even if you want to wear black […]

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