10 Reasons YOU Should Thrift


I love thrifting.  There’s so many reasons I would recommend that women, men, families consider taking a visit to the thrift shop to look for fashion, furniture, electronics, and a host of other things. So, for the novice considering taking on thrifting as a hobby  here are a few great reasons YOU should start thrifting.


  1.  Save money– Of course this is the  number one  reason.  Who doesn’t want a few  extra dollars in their pocket.

  2. To find, develop, or utilize your creative side– Thrift stores are full of unique items. Begin to discover what styles and trends really suit you. Explore new textures, fabrics, patterns and cuts.

  3. To add unique items to your closet– Thrift inventory comes from so many different sources. So, a wide variety of items tend to grace the shelves and racks of most thrift stores. 

  4. So you won’t look like everyone else in the office, club, or church- Because there typically aren’t shelves and racks of the same item, you can purchase one of a kind items to add to your closet. Take the opportunity to stock up on those vintage rare fashion items that you know the next woman won ‘t like have in her closet.

  5. To explore your personal sense of style– The thrift store is the perfect place to develop your own style. Choose from a host of clothing styles to mix and match.

  6. To purchase quality items for an unbelievable prices (leather, designer, precious metals)-Depending on where you go, thrift stores can carry a number of high quality fashion items for really low prices. You can even come across great deals on name brand and designer labels.

  7. To relax-Shopping is retail therapy. Its a great way to unwind and not go broke.

  8. To meet new fellow thrifters- Make friends with fellow thrifters. Find out where the next great deal is coming to your favorite store or even other stores with great inventory items. Be friendly and connect with the thrift community.

  1. To build rapport with staff so that you get extra store perks-Thrift store staff can be one of your greatest resources. They can keep you informed of great deals as well as point you in the direction of quality inventory items.

  2. To Try something new– Thrifting is a great time to try out new styles that you might not otherwise purchase. Spending pennies on the dollar gives your the opportunity to try something new and not be upset about spending too much for and item that may not suit you.


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