What I Love About Summer


They say it doesn’t officially begin until June 20th. But my thermometer says summer is here.  I really enjoy many thing about the summer season.  But now that I’m no longer in school, I  had to find new reasons to look forward to the warmer months.  Here are a few grown up things I love about summer.

 It’s Vacation Season– I love going on family vacations in the summer months. There’s so much to do. Amusement parks are re-opened, tours are moving. It’s  a great time to have family time together.

 Strapless Everything– I’m so happy that its time to start breaking out the tube tops.  Strapless tops and dresses make me feel to free and unrestrained. It’s a great way to stay cool and stylish in the summer months.

 Sandals– I’ve been waiting all year for this.  I love having my toes out.  Pretty toes, pretty shoes, what more is there to say.

 Beach Bumming– I can’t wait to hit the beach.  I’m not a big swimmer but I like being next to the water. There’s nothing more calming than watching the waves roll.

 Sitting in the Shade Sipping Lemonade (or whatever fruity beverage)-A cold glass of your favorite drink tastes is especially good on a hot summer day. Adding ice and a colorful umbrella makes your drink especially festive and fun.

 Sun Dresses– Maxi dresses are my favorite.  The lose fit provides comfort and style that is perfect.  It’s a simple way to look your best in the summer months.





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