Dressing Room Thrift Tips

Are you browsing the racks of your favorite thrift store?  Your next stop should be the dressing room. Make sure your truly like what you have in your cart. But before you leave the dressing room and make your final stop at the check-out, there’s a few things you should consider.

Always Try It On– As much as I personally hate it myself, trying on clothes at the thrift store is a MUST. Most thrift stores do not offer returns or exchanges. So, choose wisely and make sure everything fits.

Sit- Once you have the clothing on, sit in it. Make sure your skirts & dresses aren’t going to rise too high. Or that your slacks aren’t going to rise too far beyond your ankles. Make sure you’re still comfortable with the fit even when you’re sitting.
Walk Around (even do a dance)– This will really give you a good idea of how the clothing with conform to your body in your everyday life. You can get a better idea on how well buttons, snaps, and zippers work. You’ll be able to see if clothing is going to rise and/or fall as you move around in it.   And if you’re buying a party dress do a practice dance for that up coming party.

Throw Your Hands in the Air-Lift your hands up over your head after putting on a top, jacket, or dress. Make sure the arms are long enough, that your undergarments won’t show, and that there aren’t any stains in the underarm area of the garment.
Fasten It All the Way–  Make sure every button, snap, zipper, and hook is put together.  Completely fasten the garment to make sure that you get the proper fit and expose any unwanted gathering or puckering.  You will also be able to see if there are any faulty fastenings that are damaged or that may not work.
Twirl– Turn around and inspect the entire garment from top to bottom. Make sure that the garment is in tact.  Look for signs of wear and tear like snags, holes, stains, loose parts or fading. Make sure you’re getting the best quality item for your money.

Give it Some Thought- As you look in the dressing room mirror think about if the garment fits your personality, lifestyle, or where you’re going.  Don’t buy items that don’t suit you. 
Take a Picture in It– It’s selfie time! Snap a picture of yourself in every garment. After you try on everything you can go back through your phone and look to see what items you really like. It’s a great way to weed out items you don’t really want to buy.

Accessorize- While you’re trying items on, start thinking about what accessories you already have that go along with the clothing. If you don’t have anything, make a mental note to begin exploring the jewelry, belt, purse, and shoe section of the thrift store.  See if there is anything that goes along with your clothing selections.

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