Dressed in Black

Sometimes we can get so bored with wearing black.  Its dark, gloomy and such a typical go-to when it comes to fashion. But I have a few suggestions for how to wear black and not look like you’re off to a memorial service.

Show some skin– Even if you want to wear black from head to toe, showing some skin adds a bit of color.  Strategically wear black clothing that will show off your assets and draw attention away from the fact that you have in so much black. Exposing a bit of shoulder, leg, or even midsection is a great way to do this.

 Accessorize in color– This is a very simple way to break up black. Add a colorful pair of shoes, jewelry, a scarf, hat or hand bag to add a bit of color and to draw attention away from your all black style.
Pieces of patterns– Similar to color, patterns are also a simple way to enhance your all black style. Try using a colorful scarf to create a head wrap or throw on a patterned blazer.  Any accessory you add with multiple colors and patterns will also create a more diverse style.

Texturize– Mix and match textures to add some personality to your all black style.  You will find that even though you have on all black, adding and mixing textures will make your style more interesting and less boring. Play with textile/fabrics and see what black on black combinations work for you.

Embellishments-Look for/ wear black on black with black embellishments. Beading, jewels, fastenings, even fabric gathering are all opportunities to add character to your all black style. 

Make face-Put all the attention on your face. Wearing all black is a great opportunity to highlight your facial features. Bronze your t-zone, add a pair of red lips, blend some colors together on your lids and watch how it changes your style. Your dark monochromatic clothing will only enhance your beauty.

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