Fashion Investments

Though I am a trendy thrift fashionista, I do believe that there are some fashion items you should invest in.  If you can find it at a thrift deal on these items great! But if you can’t, save and budget to get these items. In the long run you’ll get more than  your money’s worth.
Fall/ Winter Seasons
Flat leather boots (black or chocolate brown)
Tan trench coat
Navy peacoat
Black blazer
White button up blouse
Leather gloves
Spring/Winter Seasons
White tank
Black tank
Leather sandals (black or brown)
White slacks
Colorful maxi dress
Denim jacket
Bathing suit  (flattering to your body shape)
Year Around
Gold hoops
Body shaper
Well fitted nude bra
Nude seamless
Black leather tote
Black heels (closed toe)
Dark wash straight or wide leg jeans
Gold Bangles
Pearl studs
Silk scarf
Leather cross body purse

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