What’s Your Color?

What’s your color?  Finding the best colors for your skin tone, hair color and undertones can be a challenge but there is a simple way to dress in your best tints and shades. Use these simple steps to discover what colors look best on you.
Step 1 Collect colors– Gather closet items of various colors. (rainbow-red, blue, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple) Make sure they are solid. Do not use clothing with patterns or extreme textures. 
Step 2 Dress your upper body in white–  White is blank slate that will not clash with other colors and will allow you to get a clear view of what colors work best on you.
Step 3 Sit in front of a mirror–  You need to see what’s going on.  As you test and try various colors you can see what works best in front of a mirror with good light.
Step 4 Hold it up– Now it’s time to test each color. Hold up each color one by one to your face.  Take note of what colors best highlight your features. The right colors for you will illuminate your skin. Colors should not be overpowering or blend into your skin.
Once you discover your colors, began to search for these colors both in your closet and when you’re shopping. You can also use the steps above to test out different tints of your best color.  But be mindful not to limit yourself. These colors will be best worn near your face (tops and dresses). Feel free to combine these colors with other colors and a variety of patterns to create a style to best suits you.

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