Recycle, Refashion, Reuse

Tired of some of your closet items?  Create new fashion items by upcycling what you already have. Here are some simple things to try out and add a new persona to your old clothing.
Dying it. Change the color or revive the original tint. You can even go vintage and try the tie dye method.
Changing the buttons. Changing out the buttons for something fancier, with a different color, with a different shape
Rip it up. This is a great idea for jeans and old t-shirts. Cut tear then was to get that true “worn” look.
Cut it off.  Remove sleeves from shirts. Make shorts out of an old pair of jeans, or turn a maxi into a mini
Paint it. This is a good solution for shoes and jewelry items.
Bedazzle, make it sparkle. Add glitter, studs, or event jewels to glam up your older items.
Bleach it. Create a faded, stone washed or acid washed look by spraying a bottle of bleach on clothing. This works best on denim.
Iron it on.  Patches, letters, or other adhesives are a great way to change the look of a garment.

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