Closet Keepers

  Before we know it it will be time to start sorting through our closets and packing away our summer clothes.  But weather is very unpredictable and can leave us confused as to what to pack, buy, keep or even throw away.  You can use this simple guide to help you sort your closet for […]

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Trendy Thrifting

Sometimes when people hear the word thrift they think of old, vintage, or retro clothing. But thrift stores are a resource for getting both vintage and contemporary fashion at an affordable price.  You can shop, buy, and wear the latest trends even when thrifting.  Here’s a few ideas for how to find modern trends in […]

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Trendy Thrift Look of the Week

This time having the blues doesn’t make me sad.  I put together this casual outfit for very little cash.  Here’s the style break down: Blue Slacks-$4.00 (Thrift Town), Green Iliad Top-$2.00 (Thrift Town), Beaded Hoop Earrings- $1.00 (Galt Auction),Bangles- $3.00 (Galt Auction). Trendy Thrift Total =$10.00   WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM

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Style Success

Preparing a for a job interview?  Or maybe you’re looking to change profession to a more a professional /office job?  If you’re going to do the part you must also dress the part. Being business ready can also mean being stylish.  These are MUST HAVES for stylish fashion success. Well fitted/tailored slacks in basic colors […]

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25 Great Thrift Tips

Thrift shopping is a great way to save money. But many people new to shopping thrift don’t know where to start or how to get the best deal.  Here’s a few tips for you to consider before you plan you next trip to the thrift store. Click for Thrift Tips  

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