Pack Light

As I get older I’m noticing that my body doesn’t have the strength to endure some of the fashion trends and styles that visit from season to season.  One fashion item that has really been giving me the blues lately is my everyday tote.  It’s durable, fashionable, and goes with almost anything.  It has plenty of room and space for me to carry my life and tote all my needs around from day to day. But my need to put EVERYTHING in it has left my wrists and shoulders sore.  I’m now at a crossroads of trying to figure out what I absolutely NEED and what can be left aside when carrying this purse. But I think/hope I’ve condensed things down to a few essential items.

1. Lip balm & color– Something is telling me I might need to condense this into one item. But right now its two.  I want to make sure I’m ready to go from day to night with a colorless or lightly tinted balm and a bold color on hand.  You never know when the evening will call for a pop of color.
2. Lotion & hand sanitizer– I can get this in a two for one as well. However, the two for ones never seem to keep the moisture my skin requires (if you know of a good one let me know). But these are items I feel I definitely need. I do still find myself debating if i must keep them in my purse. A  great alternative would be to keep them in the car and move/use them as needed.

3. Wallet- Of course! But even this needs to be purged of some weight. So, I’ve decided that all I really need is my driver’s license, one debit/credit card, and some cash. Removing loose change and a multitude of store cards has made my load extremely lighter. I’ll just add any other necessary items as needed.
4. Keys- House and car only (unless others are needed) Nothing weighs a purse down light stacks of metal pieces.

5. Phone- I hardly remember a time when I didn’t feel I needed to have this item. But in this day and age I want to make sure I have it whenever I’m on the go.
Scaling down has made my life so much easier and my burden much lighter.  The great thing about this weight loss is that these same items easily transfer to other purses. Clutches, cross body etc. can all accommodate my new Packing Light lifestyle. 
Let me know your suggestions on how you keep it light.

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