Team Mom


For those of you that watch my vlog you know that I do some of best thrift shopping in between my son’s practices. I parent a child that is quite active in sports.  After spending many years sitting in the bleachers, stands, and on side lines, of football, basketball, soccer, and baseball games, I can officially label myself a Sport’s Mom (minus the mini van).  But for all the sweat, dirt, and grime of the sport’s life it doesn’t mean I can’t be cute.   Here are some keys items you’ll need to be a fashionable fan.
Jeans                               Casual plain T-shirt                     Leggings                  Team shirt                    Bodycon dress              Flannel                                            A cap                          Vest                        Denim shirt/jacket     Blazer                                              Graphic T-shirt       Leather jacket      Comfortable but cute shoes (canvas shoes, sandals, tennis shoes, flip flops)
Visit WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM for  some simple ideas of how to put it all together.




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