Old School Lovin’


I love old school/ vintage fashion.  I think adding a little vintage brings character to your personal style. No matter the season or era, some vintage items just stick with us. Here are a few old school fashions I simply adore.
Fanny Pack-It made a great appearance in the 80’s and has returned with vengeance. Now exhibiting new embellishments like studs, sparkles and animal prints.
Fishnet stocking– This is another classic. Not sure that it’s ever really disappeared but I love the old school version just as much as I love the new colors and patterns of this item.
Velvet suits– Love it, Love it, Love it! Especially in a rich colors such as forest green or burgundy. The lush textile is perfect for a fall or winter evening out.bc6658_7c26305d944748e4bad2163dc924f339
Gloves- I love the 50’s look of colorful gloves to match the day’s attire.  I was fortune to inherit a few of these out of my granny’s closet. If you dress your hands in a pair of these do so.
Poncho– Another classic that can’t seem to completely go away.  I enjoy seeing the evolution of this fashion classic.
Cane-Cane skirts– Though I probably wouldn’t wear one in the streets today, I love the fun flirty feel of these skirts. They are so girly, so much fun.
Scarf head wrap w/ large sunglasses– So mysterious, sexy and edgy.  This fashion combination is also great to protect your hair from the morning mist as well.
Feather hats– I’m not really a hat person. But I like the sharpness of a clean feather hat.

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