Trendy Thrifting

Sometimes when people hear the word thrift they think of old, vintage, or retro clothing. But thrift stores are a resource for getting both vintage and contemporary fashion at an affordable price.  You can shop, buy, and wear the latest trends even when thrifting.  Here’s a few ideas for how to find modern trends in the thrift store.
old magazines with bending pages
Research- Look through magazines, search online, take note of celebrity style.  Find clothing items and style that you like.  What pieces come together to create a style? Take note of cuts, patterns, textures, and colors. This will help you know what to look for when you go shopping.
Look in the vintage section-I know this is an unexpected tip but a very valid one.  Fashion recycles itself.  Year after year styles come, go, and then come back again.  Check this section to see what older clothing items are on the rack but are also in the magazines.
Same cuts, different colors-Sometimes clothing doesn’t change much.  But the colors might. One year it might be pastels the next year it may be neon.  Look for items that have the cuts you’re looking for but the color may be a little different this current season.
Focus on the colors and patterns– This is the opposite of the previous tip but works great for modern trend thrifting.  The focus of the season may be certain colors or patterns.  Look for clothing that resembles the same current colors and patterns. Buy, mix and match these items to create your own style in the current trends.
Upcycle/Alter it– If you have a creative touch you can alter your thrift clothing to fit your fashion needs.  Simple adjustments like changing out buttons, adding studding, or cutting up the fabric can completely change the look of any garment. 

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