Trendy Thrift Look of the Week

                                                                                                            WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM  I decided to come down to Earth. This earth tone outfit is perfect for a number of fashion situations. Here is the style breakdown: Gold Choker -$1.00 (Thrift Town), Brown Pattern Top-$1.00 (Salvation Army), Gold Cuff-$1.00 (Shop Smart), Cream Pencil Skirt -$5.00 (Ross), Brown and Gold Wedges-FREE (Fashion Swap) TRENDY THRIFT TOTAL=$8.00 Advertisements

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Stock Up

                                                                                                           WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM Though it may still warm outside, it is time to start stocking up on staple items for the autumn season. Now is the perfect time to start searching not only your thrift resources but your typical retail stores for clearance prices on fall and winter clothing. Year to year season trends will change […]

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Trendy Thrift Friday Find

                                                                                                            WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM I am really digging this cross body bag. Inspired by the vintage Fendi striped bag, I can flaunt designer style for only $2.00!

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Keeping in Mind

 WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM     Thrifting is really an art form that may take some time to perfect. And if you’re use to shopping in departments stores you can easily get frustrated or disappointed in the whole thrift shopping process. But I understand your woes and I realize that there are some disadvantages to thrifting or rather […]

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Trendy Thrift Look of the Week

I’m so pretty in pink!  Though not one of my favorite colors, I thought this pink blazer was a perfect addition to this street style.  Here’s the style breakdown: Pink Blazer -$5.00 (CK inventory) , Black Open Toe Booties- $10.00 (Ross), Black Jeans- $8.00 (Forever 21), Silver Hoops- $1.00 (Galt Auction), Graphic T-shirt-FREE , Silver […]

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Make Room

WWW.CLOSETKEEPSAKES.COM Sometimes I get in the rut of wearing the same set of clothing over and over again. Though my closet if filled floor to ceiling of items, I find it really difficult to mix and match the selection of items. I realized recently that this may be due to my lack of closet organization. […]

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