Is it for me? (How to know if a fashion item is for you)

With so many unique fashion items available for purchase, it doesn’t take much to get confused about which of the items in your basket really suit you.  Sometimes taking a close and honest girlfriend helps but what about the times you’re out shopping solo?  How do you determined what items are truly for you? Asking yourself a few key questions can help you make the best fashion decisions.

Does it fit? -Thrift stores carry a variety of items in various, styles and sizes. It is important that you try on each item and know if it fits prior to purchase.  This is a one of the most important steps in figuring out if an item is for you. “If it doesn’t fit, get rid of!”



Does it suit your personality– Fashion should feel good. Buy clothing that tells a bit about who you are and that makes you feel wonderful.  If you’re taking a while to determine if an item is truly for you then it just may not suit who you are.

Does it flatter your shape?Knowing your shape is a very important fashion factor. Determining if clothing flatters your body can help you determine if the item is truly for you. Take some time to research what shapes and cuts most flatter your shape prior to your next shopping trip.



Does it fit/or is it realistic for your lifestyle? -Buy clothing that will move with your rhythm of life. Whatever it is you do, or plan to do, make sure your clothing is comfortable, cute, and can accommodate your life’s activities.

 Is it in your budget? -Sometimes you’ll find really great thrift items that cost a bit more than you anticipated spending.  I don’t recommend anyone stepping outside of their budget for a luxury item, even if it seems just too hard to pass up. Make sure you make wise choices when shopping and spend within your financial perimeters.



Is it a staple?-You can never get enough of these.  If it’s time to replace them or you’re lacking a few items off the fashion staple list, then thrift shopping is a great time to add these to your basket. YES, staples ARE for you. (Download your staple list on the CK Resource Page)



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