Double Up

Women are always looking for ways to fill their closet with affordable quality items.  But it’s always an extra bonus when one finds a double deal.  Here is few great ways to shop and get double the style for your buck.

1) Buy sets-Purchase items in sets. Whether it’s a blazer and skirt, or a belted shirt or dress  and vest. When you buy sets you are purchasing multiple outfit options.  Mix and match your sets with other closet items and create a new styles and looks.

 2) Look for multi-functional items- Purchase items that can be used for multiple fashion purposes. Items such as scarfs be used as a head wrap, belt, or just keep your neck warm.  Many fashion ideas can come to life with just one simple item.

3) Buy the basics-Make sure your closet is equipped with fashion basics such as a dark pair of jeans, white button up tops, a basic black blazer.  Items such as these can be used to compliment and create a number of fashion ideas.  Use them as a base to create a style that is unique to you.

 4) Be creative with the norm-Think about the many ways you might be able to style a garment.  Take a simple button up shirt and roll the sleeves up, tie it up at the waist, or wear it around your waist.  Look for style potential in every fashion item.



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