New Inspiration

I love fashion.  But sometimes I get bored with the items in my closet. Even after a shopping trip, I can easily get stuck on how to combine clothing and accessories together to create new looks.  So, every now and then I have to go searching for inspiration and ideas for creating styles.  If you’re anything like me you can always use a little help to get the creative juices going.  Here are a few ways I find fashion inspiration.



Magazines- Of course this is the most obvious. But magazines are really a great way to look at new trends, seasonal staples, and finding unique clothing combinations. Take notes of textures, colors, and patterns that appeal to you. Adjust styles to fit what you have in your closet and create a new look that truly fits you.


Celebrities- Weather its on a TV show,in magazine, movie, or even a commercial, you can find simple or extravagant celebrity styles.  Though you may not have their clothing budget, there is always an affordable way to find similar cuts and sty



The Public-While you’re stopping to compliment the coat, shirt, or dress of the lady walking down the street, make sure to also take notes.  What is it about her outfit that you love?  Do you have a similar item in your closet?  Can you create a close imitation?  Integrating street fashion into your look is a great way to mix up your personal style.


Pinterest-  I love this app.  You can find almost anything on this site. Type in your fashion thought,  (it can be a color, pattern, specific clothing item, season, etc.) and see what images pop up.  Remember that you don’t have to create a replica of some other person’s style.  You can mix and match images you like to create something new.

 A 1386

Life- Sometimes colors, textures, patterns and shapes in nature are the best source of inspiration. Whether you combine sky blue with the lavender or the texture of reptile scales with leopard print, there is an abundance of fashion ideas you can pull from the world around you.



The Past– Adding a vintage item or wearing clothing in a retro way it a great way to change up the look of the clothing you already have hanging in your closet.



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