Loving It!

I love fashion. Especially when it’s on sale, discounted, or priced at a really,really good deal.  But there are some fashion items that I’ve fell in love with a long time ago and the passion has yet to die.



Hoop Earrings-I love hoops. They are an accessory staple. And as the years go by the variety of style, colors, embellishments have only deepened my affection for this jewelry item.


Boy Shorts-  Can you say, “Baby Got Back!” Though I’d never wear theses in a public space, I love the look of a well fitted boy short.  Boy shorts make my backside look firm, lifted, and my legs look longer than they really are.


Platform Stilettos- In addition to making me appear tall, these heels are comfortable and sexy.  The platform makes for a longer and more realistic wear time.


Pencil Skirt- I LOVE pencil skirts! They hug my curves (or lack there of) perfectly. I always feel confident and sexy in a well fitted pencil skirt.


Fishnet Stockings- I typically don’t like wearing stockings but love fishnets. And similar to the ever evolving hoop earring, the fishnet has morphed into a variety of colors, hole patterns. But to be honest I still truly love the classic black fishnet.


Wide Leg Pants  These are perfect for work and play.  I can dress them up or wear them casual. But they add a trendy edge to any look.



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