Fall’n Love

Fall is right around the corner and new trends are already appearing on the clothing store floors. There are a host classic favorites returning with a bit of a spin and I’m all ready to start stocking my closet with these seasonal favs.

Velvet- I’ve written before about my love for velvet suits. This is my opportunity to dust them off and bring them back. This textile one of my fall/winter favorites of which I can’t seem to get enough.

 Puffers- Designers have put a new spin on the classic puff jacket. I love the new cuts and lines on this year’s version of the puffer. Not only is this style back in coat form but also in vests and a host of other clothing items.

Statement Fur- I’m all for a faux chinchilla. Not only is it stylish, but it’s a perfect way to stay warm in the cooler months. This season’s version has changed a bit to include bright colors and patterns. I just might have to invest in a pink fur.

 Metallics– I truly feel that this is a fashion classic that never completely goes away. The re-introduction of gold metallic clothing has given me a few ideas on how to dress up this holiday season.


Shearling Bombers– Fall and Winter is all about coat season. Shearling lined coats are definitely a highlight of the fall runways. I can already imagine how warm and cozy this seasonal item will be.

 Pant Suits– You can never go wrong with a great pant suit. But be mindful of cuts, and lines so that your favorite suit compliments your body shape and flatter you figure.


 Dusty Pink & Yellow- These colors typically remind me of spring. But by changing the hue to dusty pink, designers have decided to introduce this color combination to the autumn months.



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