Make Room


Sometimes I get in the rut of wearing the same set of clothing over and over again. Though my closet if filled floor to ceiling of items, I find it really difficult to mix and match the selection of items. I realized recently that this may be due to my lack of closet organization. So, I’ve began putting things in order and I have a few helpful tips for making sure you can always find a variety of clothing option in your cl

 Make everything visible– You won’t wear it if you don’t know it’s there. Make sure all clothing and accessories are in eye shot for selecting and wearing.

 Make things easy to access- Every now and then my lazy gene kicks in and I don’t want to go out of my way to grab shoes, clothing, hats, etc. off high shelves or in stacked bins. If everything is in arms-reach then it’s simple to grab items to put together your outfit.


 Color coordinate- This is one area I’ve always been able to maintain. Keeping my clothes in a color sequence helps me easily select what I need. (i.e. all blue tops together, all green tops together, all red tops together)


 Remove the waste– Remove items that are damaged beyond repair. This also applies to items that may be an easy fix but you have not made any effort to repair. This is taking up good space and you’ll be frustrated every time you pick it up to wear only to realize it’s damaged.

 Too small– Remove all items that don’t fit properly. This is also a waste of space.

 Style coordinate– In addition to my color coordination I also coordinate my closet by style/garment type. So, all my shirts are hanging in one area, organized by both color and style. If you’re wondering the priority it’s: garment type, color, and then style.


Pack away out of season items– Store items that are out of season. They are taking up space and they are not realistic option for the current season. Give yourself a realistic view of what you can wear now.


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