Keeping in Mind



Thrifting is really an art form that may take some time to perfect. And if you’re use to shopping in departments stores you can easily get frustrated or disappointed in the whole thrift shopping process. But I understand your woes and I realize that there are some disadvantages to thrifting or rather things that you’ll have to adjust to when beginning your thrifting journey. But don’t get discouraged. There are many benefits to thrift shopping. You just have to prepare your mind for the experience. So as you prepare, keep these things in mind.

Sizes- Thrift stores carry a variety of different clothing items. However, if you find something that you like, pray it’s your size. Chances are there will be only one of that unique item.  This is always why its important to always try on all clothing in a thrift store before you buy.

Floor Sales- Thrifting is really more of an individual experience. (unless you bring friends) Now, I personally prefer this but when you need additional assistance with finding specific items you may not have anyone readily accessible to assist. But many times if  you go to the sales counter someone can help you find what you need.

Keeping Trendy-If you become an avid thrift shopper it is important that you constantly educate yourself and research the new and latest trends. Thrift stores carry mostly used items so you’ll have more inventory selection that is from past seasons/trends.

Selection-You will find a great selection of items to choose from when thrifting. However, depending on the size of the store, the selection may not be as vast a department store.

Variety– Sometimes you may come across thrift stores that don’t carry, accept, buy, certain items. Items such as undergarments or accessories may not be a part of their inventory. So, you’ll have to make additional stops to find the thing you need.

Color Changes- Similar to the size issue, thrift stores may not carry multiple colors of one particular clothing item. What makes thrift stores so great is the unique variety of fashion items.

Exchanges & Returns– Most thrift stores don’t accept returns or exchanges on any items. So, it is important that  you carefully inspect the items you want to buy beforehand.


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