Time to Swap!- Things to keep in mind when swapping



CK has a Sip & Swap event coming up this month (check out the Events page for details). Fashion Swaps are a great way to get new trendy thrift items for your closet.  But being strategic about your swapping can make this experience even more rewarding for your trendy thrift future.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when swapping:

 Know your size- Typically you cannot try clothes on.  Look over available items and make sure that it’s something that will  fit and accentuate your curves.

 Look for seasonal items– This is the time to stock up on as many seasonal itemsas possible.  If you find some out of season items take advantage of that as well. But it’s always nice to be able to wear new additions to your closet now instead of later.

 Garments you can use more of– Look for staples that you can always use or items that you can definitely stand to stock up on. If you need more jeans, look for jeans. If you need boots, look for boots. Take advantage of this awesome opportunity.

 Styles that are out of the norm for you-This is a great time to get a few items that you normally wouldn’t buy. You have less to lose if you swap instead of paying full price.

 What looks good on you– Get items that you know fit your personal style and flatter your figure. V neck tops, skinny jeans, A- line skirts, swap your styles for all new versions of what you already love.


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