4 Shopping Habits You Should Stop

Shopping smart is the key to living a trendy thrift lifestyle. There are definitely habits you should adopt as well as a few you should break today.  So, to get a true feel the benefit of a trendy thrift lifestyle, you should definitely stop these shopping habits:
Shopping while Hungry– Shopping while your stomach is rumbling is a definite no-no.  This is will cause you to lose focus and to rush your purchase decisions. Make sure to either eat before you hit the stores or to bring a little snack with you while you’re out and about. (this rule is really important when food shopping as well)
Paying for Labels– Of course getting great deal on a designer or name brand fashion item feels like a win.  However, if the item doesn’t fit, your body, budget or personal style then it’s a waste. Don’t buy items just because of the label. Make sure that you’re spending your money on something you truly love.
Buying for your future weight goals– I am guilty of this one. Buying clothing that just doesn’t fit is a bad idea.  I know it’s really hard to resist buying a really cute items that almost fastens but not all the way.  On too many occasions I’ve promised myself that I’ll lose the 2-5lbs to fit it later. And unfortunately that rarely happens. Now, if you have the knack for sewing and can make the necessary alterations then go for it. But if you don’t, please just leave it on the rack.
Shopping outside your budget-As I’ve mentioned before, it is really important to set a shopping budget and to stick to it.  It can be difficult to remember this rule when thrifting. But being strategic when shopping will help you save money and get the best bang for your buck.

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