How to Make Your Thrift Style Look Polished


Many times when people think of thrifting, images of old, tattered, worn, out of date clothing come to mind. Some people even believe that it is impossible to create great polished looks using thrifting clothing. But I have a few tips for enhancing your thrift look and creating a very finished and polished look.

Details, Details– When shopping for thrift fashion, pay attention to the details. Embroidery, fastenings, stitching, linings are all great indicators of item quality and can enhance the look of the item.


Whole Pieces– Make sure that the item is in-tact. If there are small areas of damage when you purchase it, then be sure to make the appropriate alterations to the items before wearing it.

 Buy The Real Deal– Whenever possible purchase genuine materials (leather, silk, gold, wool, etc.) instead of imitation on faux. I’m not against faux, but sometimes it’s really difficult to imitate the real thing. However, if you do find a faux item that you really love, make sure that it is a close replica.


Add a Focal Point- You can polish your look by adding one really nice item that steals all the attention. By adding a statement item you can create a focal point that draws people into that particular part of your outfit.

 Keep it Clean-Remove all visible signs of stains and dirt. Stains will definitely draw away from your overall style and take away from a garment looking new and stylish.


Support Yourself– Have a great support system is the base for great style. Make sure that you have on undergarments that fully support your figure. Having the proper bra, panties and body shapers can make a world of difference when it comes to the overall look of any outfit.

 Press it Out-Sometimes you just need to remove the wrinkles. By pressing or steaming your garments (the ones that need or should be pressed) you create a neat and well put together look.


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