Undergarments Every Woman Should Own

Undergarments are the foundation to any fashion style. The way your undergarments mold and shape your frame can determine how your clothing fits. But no matter your size or body shape there are a few undergarments that everyone woman should own and invest in having in her lingerie drawer.
Nude Adjustable Strap Bra– I really believe this is a must.  This bra brings a world of versatility to the clothing you can wear. Being able to shift and change the straps to suit your top is a great feature for keeping your style neat. Nude coloring (meaning to closely match your skin color) is also perfect for light colored tops. Just make sure to always get fitted for your proper size.

Seamless Nude Panties– Similar to the bra this is also a very important item.  It does away with that pesky panty line while providing full coverage. The nude coloring also allows for wearing light colored bottoms without the worry of your underwear being seen.

Thong– I know this one may make some ladies uncomfortable but I believe it’s important to keep handy. It is a great alternative to the Seamless Nude Panties.  There may be moments when you need less coverage a thong can accommodate the fashion need.  I would recommend purchasing a thong that also has nude coloring.

Body Shaper/Spanx-A lot of young woman may not think about this one but many of us over 30 keep this handy.  Body shapers are great not only for giving a slimmer appearance but for creating a smooth silhouette /base to lay clothing over.
Sticky Bra– This great for those special instances when you want to wear your back out but still need the support in the front.  This is a must have for all the halter, strapless, back out styles in the summer months.
Control Waist Pantyhose-Now, I hate wearing stockings, pantyhose, tights.  But every now and then I find it necessary to have a pair in my drawer.  The control waist version is a two for one deal.  It can provide the support of a body shaper while giving your legs the coverage you need.
 Sheer to Waist Pantyhose– This will not give you the same support as a control waist but is necessary for those high cut skirts, dresses, or splits.  The sheer to waist version of a stocking/pantyhose will provide coverage without the control top line that typically hits mid-thigh.






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