Stylish Ways to Stay Warm

Though it is not officially fall, the weather is already starting to cool down.  It is definitely time to start stocking your closet with warm clothing.  But instead of just stacking on layers of clothing to keep the Autumn chill away, consider some of these stylish options for staying warm.
Fur Collars– This is a great Autumn/Winter classic. The current trend or colorful printed fur collars has put a new spin on the seasonal classic.
Under Shirts– This may be an obvious solution. But by coordinating the undershirt with your outfit you can make it a visible layer.
Tights-As much as I hate wearing stockings, I love the contemporary creativity of this fashion items. So many colors, patterns, and textures of this item stock the shelves that it’s hard to resist buy a few pair.
Triple Layers-Stack your layers. Sometimes wearing just one isn’t enough. Plus, by adding multiple layers you can also add dimension, texture, and warmth to your style.
Wraps/Ponchos- I used to always think these were made for older ladies, but I’ve decided to join the club. I love that wraps and ponchos can either be a part of your outfit or can serve as outer wear and be removed when in a warmer area.  These items are also great for multiple occasions. You can rock them with a pair of jeans or drape it for a formal affair.




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