Men’s Fashion to Keep in Your Closet


When I think of men’s wear I think of strong cuts, dark colors, and structured styles. But every now and then adding a sprinkle of masculinity is exactly what a fashion style needs.  Next time you’re out thrifting consider spending a few pennies on some of these men’s fashion items:


 Bow Tie-This is a classic male accessory that may hold more value for the ladies, This item can of course be worn at the top of a button up shirt. But with a little creativity it can also be worn in the hair or even attached to the center of a belt buckle. And with the variety of colors and patterns the fashion possibilities are endless.
Button Up Shirt-The typical companion to the bow tie, this item holds a world of style options. Because of the cut and sizes of men’s shirts, we ladies can fold and tie to create both casual and dressy outfits.
Suspenders-This accessory always comes back around but its a great way to add colors, patterns, or just a bit character to your style.
Cuff Links-These area great way to add unexpected masculinity to your style.  Small and understated, cuff links add a bit of class to any fashion style.

Cotton Socks– This is actually my favorite. This is also doubles as an old school beauty tool. After a shower oil your feet then allow the socks to soften your heels.
Straight Tie-Great and easy way to add a manly touch. Depending on the color and pattern, adding a straight tie can add masculinity in a feminine way.

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