Fashion Fears


As much as I love fashion there are thing that scare me about fashion.  Some days I find it really difficult to get dress because of personal fears. At times they keep me from looking my best. But as I grow and mature I’m finding the courage to face, eliminate, and change these fears so that I can be fashionably free.


Too Fat for Fashion Fear- As my body changes, the look of my clothing does as well. It’s very difficult to focus on styling when I’m more concerned with concealing fat.  This is something I’m determined to change by not only taking better care of my figure but finding new and creative ways to wear my clothing so that it’s comfortable and stylish.

 Not the Best Dressed Fear-Being in the fashion business holds a lot of pressure for being trendy, stylish, the best dressed where ever I go.  Though I do feel I put this pressure on myself, I want to display my craft and career in my attire and draw attention to what I do.


Over/ Under Fear-When going to an event and not being sure of the attire it’s always a toss-up on what to wear. I don’t want to be too overdress or too under dressed for the occasion.  I’m always hoping that I’ve found the just right balance of style to suit any situation.

 Attention Getting Fear– Though this is the objective of fashionable dressing, too much attention makes me really nervous. This is simply a matter of combating my insecurities and feeling completely comfortable in my skin.  One day I will be delighted by everyone looking my way.


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