Give Me Something I can Feel


Adding textures to your fashion style creates depth and dimension. Stepping outside of the cotton knit box can be a little out of your comfort zone but it’s a fun way to create fashion that talks to your audience of admirers.   Here’s a few ideas:




Leather- Now something like a leather jacket is a simple and classic fashion staple. But now days you can find creative ways to integrate leather elements into your style.  Items such as skirts, gloves, bracelets, hats, vests, or even clothing with leather or leather like accents can add texture to your overall style.



Faux Fur-I love this idea. Especially in the cooler months. Adding the soft texture of fur (faux fur) can add a lush or shocking element to your style.  Depending on the coloring or the length of the fur this element can not only add texture but become the focal point of your style.


Corduroy– Ok, so I know this isn’t on the list of current trends, but I love corduroy. It is a classic textile/texture that definitely gives your style a different feel. The key is to find nontraditional corduroy garments. Typically pants come to mind but wearing blazers, vest, shirts, skirts, etc. changes the feel of this vintage fabric.



Shearling (faux will do as well)- This element definitely gives me a cozy feel. But it also adds a bit of casual drama. Shearling a perfect way to add texture and style to a simple t-shirt and jean day.


Satin-The silky flow of this fabric gives a different perspective on texture. The look and feel provide an element of elegance and add a feminine touch (or feel) to any outfit.


Sued- This is another one you don’t see often any more but I believe it’s a classic that will return to the rotation of fashion trends. But until that moment arrives, adding small elements of sued and give your look a bit of texture. Try items such as belts, hats, purses, or shoes to add that extra punch to your style.


Velvet– I love this textile. I truly do. I don’t even care if it’s in or not. Velvet gives such a lush feel/look to almost anything.  It automatically adds a royal feel to your style.  And the great thing is it doesn’t take much.  Simple additives like a blazer, vest, slacks, or even a velvet hat are great ways to integrate this texture into your style.  I would even recommend experimenting with various colors and patterns of this wonderful fabric.


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