Fashion & Feelings- How fashion can affect thoughts of self


Throughout my life journey I’ve discovered that many things influence my feelings, not just in the moment but sometimes in a very lasting way. I’ve had experiences that now dictate how I view myself and what think about others. Some of these have been rich and powerful moments that have helped me blossom and grow. While other moments have torn at my soul in a way that I’m not sure I’ll ever truly heal.

 As I look back on these moments, I’ve discovered how fashion has influence many of these feelings.  There were moments where trends, peer influence, monetary lack, body image, career, etc. all influenced my fashion decisions and how I felt about my own self-worth. It seems that one of these influences have always been present, even in recent days.  I can recall always feeling like maybe I didn’t stack up to the acceptable image of a girl/woman because these moments existed in my life. But I do recall a phase where I truly felt fashion free. I loved my body and I felt comfortable in my skin. I was discovering a new phase of life that changed my perspective on self and how I wanted to express that in my dress. Though I still wanted to be fashionable, I bought and wore what I wanted.  I shopped both in thrift and department stores. And I crafted my look daily based on how I was feeling at that moment on that day.

 Now looking back, I think about how powerful fashion can be and how self- image/confidence really impacts your daily fashion. I/we use fashion to hide (fat(fat, scars, personality). We use fashion to express emotion. Sometimes with cuts, colors and patterns. We use fashion to fit into professional and social circles. We give fashion so much power over our lives. And though I have a loving affection for fashion, I see how it has brought harm to others and myself. As I grow older, I’m looking back to my days of fashion freedom and looking forward to once again defining my fashion instead of fashion defining me.


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