Color Shock- How to integrate color into your style for those who are color shy



A client of mine was preparing for production on a TV show. It was my job to help style and create looks for various sets. She already had some ideas in mind and expressed the sort of looks she hoped we’d create for each theme.  However, once I begin to look over her wardrobe, I noticed the absence of color. Almost every hanger held a dark, brown, black, gray, or navy garment.  The repetitive trend of dark colors was making her looks boring and bland.  Once I brought it to her attention, she shared how she never purchased colorful clothing and how she feels most comfortable in darker shades.  I challenged her to buy just one brightly colored top to add to her wardrobe. We didn’t have much time to ease her into this process but for those of you who have this same concern, I have a few suggestions for slowly adding color to your style.

Jewelry-This is great because you can still hold on to your traditional styles and tastes in jewelry and add a bit of color. If you’re concerned about your jewelry being too colorful or bold then start with something small. Stud earrings or a bracelet is a great way to incorporate color in a small but meaningful way.

Accessories– Items such as belts, hats, purses, shoes and gloves and also be used to add color to your style.  The great thing is that some of these items can be removed throughout your day (hats, gloves) and you easily choose when and where they will appear in your daily fashion

Find your color- Find a color that you’re most drawn to wearing. If you could choose a dark color to wear then what would be your alternative?  Start adding this alternative color little by little to your closet collection. As you develop your color style start adding new colors to your style.

Keep your change– Don’t spend a lot of money as you go through this transition. You will be awfully upset with yourself if you buy an expensive, colorful garment you just can’t adjust to wearing.  I suggest thrifting a few garments until you adjust to this change.

Put it on your face- Lip glosses, tints, sticks, balms are a simple way to add color to your style.  Find a bold lip color to flaunt with your dark outfit.  This will draw attention your face and beautiful smile.

Go mute– As you ease into this change you may want to start with muted colors (mauve, dusty rose, tea green, etc.)  These colors are soft and subtle. They are less shocking and bright and are great for slowly changing your color pallet.


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