Trendy Thrift Lifestyle-Getting Fit

Getting fit or rather losing weight is a lifetime challenge.  I really can’t recall a time that I wasn’t trying to lose at least 5-10lbs.  Clearly body image is a thing for me.  Like many others, I’ve tried several meal plans/diets and work out routines.  And some them have worked out really well for me.  But now that I’m focusing more on trendy thrift living, I’ve been trying to find ways to work off the pounds without joining an expensive gym.  Here are a few things I’ve done/ am doing to shed the pounds that don’t cost anything. (keep in mind I’m not a health or fitness professional)

YouTube Workout Videos-This is my favorite. You have so many workouts to choose from. AND you can find a professional fitness expert to work out with daily.  One of my personal favorites is Keaira LaShae. She has a number of fun workouts and fitness challenges that range from very short (10minutes) to a full workout (45minutes).

Dance-Sometimes you just need to move your body. Turn on your list of musical favorites and burn up the dance floor or your living room floor.  Put in enough energy and time to break a sweat.

Take a Walk-Sometimes I need a little fresh air. Walking is a great way to burn calories for free. Pick up the pace, move your arms, and breath. Take a couple laps around a city block and watch your body begin to change.

You can Jog too- I don’t really like jogging but it is another free option. I personally wouldn’t recommend running on the concrete sidewalks of your city but if there’s a nearby high school track, take advantage of the free resource after school is out.

Jump Rope– This is a very intense workout. Jumping rope not only brings back childhood memories, it will definitely make you sweat. Now if you do not already have a rope, you can still set a timer and go through the jumping motions.  This is still a way to feel the burn.

Use your Body– Now days you see a lot of gyms that don’t have the typical machines and weight sets. Trainers encourage you (and charge you) to use your own body.  Lunges, push ups, sit ups, squats, suicides, etc. are all great ways to get tone and work your muscles for free.


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