My Fall Trendy Thrift Shopping List



I am getting fall ready.  I have plans for pulling my warm wear out of storage and stocking up on both some classic staples and a few trends.  But as I always tell my CK friends, shopping lists are essential to staying focused while shopping. (especially thrift shopping) So, I’ve started to work on my own. If you’re not really sure to shop for this Autumn season here are a few ideas off my list.

  • Wide leg slacks
  • Tie neck blouses
  • Black high heel boots
  • Turtle neck shirts (white, black, red, maroon)
  • Insulated black leggings
  • Navy peacoat
  • Gray hoodie sweater (pull over)
  • Chocolate bucket bag or tote
  • Leather Skirt (plum, maroon, black, or chocolate)
  • Flannel plaid skirts
  • Long sleeve denim shirt
  • Black leather jacket
  • Chocolate brown leather jacket
  • Puffer (some metallic color)
  • Flat chocolate boots
  • Long sleeve graphic T-shirts

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