Make It Fit- Making too big clothing work



Every now and then when I’m out thrifting I find really great clothing items. I’m always drawn to unique patterns, bold and rich colors, and interesting textures. Sometimes when thrifting it can be really difficult to find a garment that has all these things. Oh, but when coming across that garment, I get so excited. Many times this is also met with disappointment because the items are not my size.  But long gone are the days of dismissing all these items. I’m adopting a few simple (no-sew) techniques to make these wonderful items fit my frame instead of putting them back for some other lucky lady to enjoy.

Cinch– This is such a quick and easy solution for a dress or top that’s too big. Simply add a belt around your waist, make sure its firm, then blouse the top or dress over the belt.

Roll up-This is one that dates back to the beginning of fashion woes.  By rolling the sleeves of a long shirt or the hem a pair of jeans you not only remove extra length but you add personal style. Always make sure to roll high so that the width of your roll has space for a second. Then from the end of the roll create your second roll.

Tuck it- For shirts that are extremely long you can always tuck it tight into your pants or skirt. This may also require a belt if the waist of your bottoms are not snug enough.

Tie it up– This works best with shirts and dresses.  You can take a cue from the 70’s and tie a knot in the bottom of your shirt. (in the front, side, or back). Or you can tie the hem of your dress. You can even tie a really long and oversized dress at the waist by pulling fabric from both sides and tying it in the center of your body.

Let it hang open-Sometimes you’ll find really great patterns, colors, or textures on a top, dress, or sweater that’s too big or too small. Well, just let it hang open. Use this garment as an outer layer to a creative style.


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