Rise and Shine-Quick ways to get dressed in the morning (when in a rush)



Some of us ladies are just not morning people.  Every day is a struggle to get out of bed and begin the process of looking presentable for your day.  Some days this works out really well. But other days you may find yourself running late and still in the closet looking for the right pair shoes.  Well adding a method to your madness may help this process along. Here are a few helpful ideas:

 Have a Uniform-Create a simple go to outfit/uniform for those days you just can pull it all together. A uniform should be something standard and easy to put together. For example: a pencil skirt, blazer and button up. If you keep a host of each of these items in your closet, all you have to do is pull and accessorize.

 See and Touch-Make sure your closet space is organized in a way that all your fashion items are visible and accessible.  You will need to quickly grab and go without much fuss.

 Fitted- As you cycle through clothing in your wardrobe be aware of what clothing items fit you well. It’s so much easier to get dressed if you’re not wondering if an item will fit.

 Get the Forecast-Make it a habit of checking the forecast the night before. This will help you make suitable choices for the next day.

 Beauty Ready– Have a go to beauty routine. If you have rhythm for what you use, where your products and tools are located and your over all look then your morning will go a lot smoother.

 Prep-If you have the time, prep your clothing, accessories, and shoes the night before. Take the time to try on potential garments and see what items work well together.  BUT only if you have the time.


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