Fashion Items I Simply HATE (but sometimes are necessary)- Fashion Rant

bc6658_1df33973d2014ddd953b2ecf0dd8897emv2Fashion is a constant movement of trends and styles recycling and transforming.  I love fashion and I look forward to seeing what new or renewed fashions are coming from season to season.  But throughout my 4 decades of life I’ve seen and experienced some fashion items that I can’t stand. These items have tortured me at a very young age. But now that I’m older I see the importance and usefulness of some of these things.  They still haven’t managed to find much affection for their existence.




Slips- a lingerie item that was meant to torture and irritate.  I think that’s the formal definition. Earlier this year I did a presentation. And a young lady in the audience had no idea what a slip was.  For those much like her, a slip is actually a layer worn under dresses and skirts to provide coverage and to prevent from seeing through sheer or thin clothing.  As a child this item was a MUST. My mother demanded it to be worn any and every time I wore a dress or skirt.  I spent most of the time trying to pull it down, untwist it, or un-bunching it from around my waist. It is a hot mess!




Nude Stocking- I haven’t worn these since I was a teenager.  I’m not a big fan of stocking in general but nude or skin tone stockings are horrible. Mainly because they never get the color right.  Women come in so many shades and skin tones. I realize that it would be nearly impossible to accommodate every color of skin. But I’ve always struggles to find an inexpensive match or even close match to my chocolate tone. Most brands settle for an ashen version of brown for all dark skinned woman and I refuse settle for this version stocking.




Spanx/body shaper-I hate these with a passion as well. Really I’m irritated that I’m at a point where I need to wear one. I do have to admit that these are a very useful and helpful tool.  But it’s just and extra layer that I don’t want to need.




Turtle Neck- This is actually a love-hate relationship. I love the look of these shirts in the winter and autumn months. They are great for wearing under a number of clothing items for a warm and cozy feel. But I get so anxious having clothing so snug to my neck. This is a life-long problem. My mother always jokes that I never liked anything close to my neck. And I admit I recall my dramatic displays of being choked when wearing neck snug clothing.  These days I carefully select moments to wear a turtle neck. But my mind definitely has to be in the right place.




Jeggings-Ok, So I have owned one pair of these. BUT in my defense I’ve never worn them out the house. Now, I need to specific when I list this item in saying that I hate the jeggings that have the pockets and seams drawn on the fabric.   I just can’t get settled with having pockets drawn onto my behind.  But I can say that they are just as comfortable as any pair of leggings.  So, I’m fine with wearing them in the privacy of my home.




Kitten Heels- Why? Why were these ever invented? Either wear a heel or don’t.  And these shoes are so deceptive. The tops of these shoes can be very cute and trendy then you turn it around only to disco



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