Trends to Try

Fashion and beauty go hand in hand.  There other. There are a few this fall I’ve already began to implement into my fashion/beauty life.
Goth Lips– I was already loving this trend before it became popular this season.  The dark rich colors are a perfect compliment to the cool weather.
Top front bun– I’m just now embracing this one and only in my leisure time.  I was worried the look might be too youthful for my true age. But I’m becoming attached to the casual hair do.
Box satchel w/chain handle– I love the look of this purse.  It’s trendy with a hint of vintage Chanel. I think it’s perfect for an evening out.  Though I do struggle with getting all my necessities to fit. LOL
Taupe nail polish-I love this! Typically I’m not really into painting my nails, mainly because I hate the phase when the color begins to fade or chip.  The taupe color minimizes the dramatic contrast in color when the polish has run its course.

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