What I Love about Fall


Oh, I had had my fill of summer. The burning triple digit weather had me ready for Autumn in the middle of July. But now that fall is here, I am beginning to get really excited. The weather hasn’t completely cooled off, but I’m making preparation for some of my fall favorites.

Cooler Weather– OMG! This is definitely at the top of the list. After a scorching summer. I embrace a drop in temperature.

Sweaters-One of the great things about the cooler weather is being able to throw on cozy sweater. I haven’t pulled mine out of storage yet, but I can’t wait to start rocking the warmth.

Falling Leaves– I have mixed feelings about this one. I love to see the leaves change color and blow through the streets. But I don’t enjoy having to rake up the piles that shed onto my front lawn.

Boots-I’ve already starting thinking about taking these out of storage. There is still a residue of summer weather where I live, but I can hardly wait to pull on a pair of leather boots.

The Holidays-Fall ushers in the holiday season and a number of reasons to celebrate. I enjoy having time off to spend with family enjoying this time of year.


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