Showcase Your Best Features


As women we can often be our worst critics.  There is something we always desire to change. We don’t take enough time to celebrate the best of ourselves.  When it comes to fashion and body image this is often true for many of us. But today I want to encourage you not to focus on all the things you wish were different about your body but to celebrate your best features. When it comes to fashion there are some very simple ways you can do this:

Draw Attention-Allow your best feature to be the focal point of your outfit. You can draw attention to this area with bright colors, patterns, jewelry or a stark contrast from the rest of your style.
Exposure– Show some skin. Now let me be clear, this does not mean to over expose yourself. Be tasteful and discrete.  If your best feature is your long legs, then wear a skirt that stops at the knee.  If you have lean arms, then opt for a sleeveless top.
Minimize the Focus– By minimizing the focus on other areas you can draw attention to your featured area. You can easily do this by dressing other areas in darker colors, opting for a monochromatic look or by fully covering the parts you want to minimize.
Shading & Highlights– Wearing clothing with shaded or highlighted patterns can also draw attention to your feature. One of the best examples of shading we often see is in denim jeans. Most of the time there will be highlights on the thigh or butt.  Without giving it much thought we buy and wear these items, not understanding that this sort of shading can showcase certain areas of your body.
Know Your Fit– I will say this over and over again. Knowing your shape and size is a very important element when it comes to great style. This is also true when it comes to showcasing your best features. You want to make sure that the fit of your clothing is complimentary to your body and draws attention in a positive and flattering way.



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