Lessons From Annie Pearl

At a young age, I was groomed at the hand of several southern women. Both my mother and aunts always made a fuss over me. But at the helm of them all was my grandmother, Annie Pearl.  Though she didn’t have much in the way of money, she was rooted in southern tradition and taught her daughters and me many fashion tricks of the trade. Here’s a few things I learned from Grandma Annie Pearl:
Cleanse and Moisturize Everyday-I could have been no more than 10 years old when I was taught this life lesson. I can remember my grandmother grabbing fingertips full of Ponds beauty cream, wiping, rinsing, and massaging the youthfulness into her pores.  Though it took me some years to put this tip into practice, I have never forgotten the importance of caring for my skin.
Stockings and Church Gloves– Mrs. Annie Pearl was a church usher. A great indication of a Baptist Church usher is the white gloves they wear as they show members to their seats.  But my grandmother found another use for these hand warmers.  As she prepared for church she sat on the edge of the bed to put on stockings. With her white gloves on, she carefully put on her stockings and prepared for church. Grandma taught me that by wearing the gloves, she could assure that she didn’t cause any snags or tears in her stockings. This is a great idea both then and now.
Cat Face Caution– Now I never understood where the term “cat face” came from.  I just assumed it was a southern term for wrinkles in your clothes.  And though I rarely iron my clothing, I am always reminded of this term then I’m attempting to be wrinkle free. There was a method to ironing each clothing type. From creases in my collars, slacks, and sleeves, there was a certain way to assure that clothing was fresh pressed and cat face free.
Everyday Best-Grandma never left the house disheveled, unkempt, or not properly dressed. She held a strong belief that a lady should never leave the house not dressed.  This meant hair combed, make up on, jewelry,clothing pressed and any other necessary accessory were all in place whenever Annie Pearl left the house.
Wrap it Up– Now-a-days us ladies know that wrapping our hair with silk scarves not only preserves our hairstyles but is a great way to keep hair healthy while sleeping.  Before I was old enough to care, my grandmother was wrapping my head with scarves that were much too big for my toddler head. But it was the start of a habit that would benefit me a lifetime.

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