Trends I Never Wanted to Follow



Fashion constantly evolves & changes. Trends come and trends go. But every now and then a trend comes along that I just can’t seem to come to grips with. I just never took a liken to them. And though they are all the craze for the moment, something in my heart just can’t go with the flow to the season. Here are a few tends that have recycled through the runways, stores, and catalogs that I never ever followed.

 Snake Skin Clothing– I’m very particular about wearing animal prints but snake has never been a fav. I did find one vintage clutch that gave me new perspective but I’ve never found any other snake skin item that has able to turn my head.

 Plastic Hoops-You all know I’m a fan of fashion jewelry. But when I shop for this accessory, I search for quality replicas that closely resemble the real thing. I truly believe when it comes to fashion jewelry, plastic should be used strategically. Certain styles of plastic earrings and necklace appear cheap and of poor quality. I typically see this with colored hoops.

 Socks with Heels- This just seems uncomfortable. It can already be a trying task to keep feet comfortable throughout the day. Adding extra layer just doesn’t appeal to my sense of comfort or style.

 One Sided Polyester– Polyester is a popular textile for so many fashion garments. And though I make not quarrel with this material, I have never been drawn to polyester clothing that is printed on one side and white on the other. This also is a sign of poor quality.

 The Kittens- I fought with myself over this trend. There are so many really cute kitten heels. But I have never fell in love with the heel size. Kittens are designed to provide the style of a heel but provide comfort you may not find with a pump. But I’m of the mind that I’m either going to wear a heel or a flat. No in-betweeners for me.


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