The Unconventional Sweater


It’s cold outside! And if you haven’t already, it’s time to start sorting through last year’s storage to pull out all your warm clothing. It’s time to start pulling out your sweaters. But instead of wearing your same old sweaters the same old way, you should try some creative ideas to give your sweaters a brand-new look and feel. I have a few suggestions you may want to try.



  • Tie it around your shoulders
  • Wear it partially open (button top button or in the middle)
  • Tie the bottom at the waist

Sweater Dress:

  • Belt It
  • Layer it (blazer on top/button up shirt under)
  • Tie at the hem
  • Add leggings and wear as a tunic

Sweat Shirt:

  • Layer with button up shirt
  • Belt it
  • Tie around waist
  • Roll up sleeves
  • Add fancy jewelry (gemstones, pearls, etc.)
  • Add fur collar 

Cropped Sweater:

  • Add a pattern blouse under
  • Combine with high waist pants
  • Wear with a turtle neck shirt
  • Add a wrap belt

Sleeveless Sweater:

  • Add on top of a long sleeve dress
  • Layer with a t-shirt
  • Combine with tie neck blouse
  • Add long sleeve gloves

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