Thrift Tips for the Non-Thrifter


Although I love thrifting, I know there are some ladies who hate the whole thrift store experience. But just because you shop at regular retail/department stores doesn’t mean you must pay department store prices. There are ways to still save money and get fashion items you want. Here are a few tricks that will help you get great deals even if you’re not thrifting.

Head to the back– This is where stores tend to keep a lot of their biggest discounts. So make your way to the end of the row, end of the shelf, or to the last rack in the section for great deals.

Know your sale dates– Many stores have a regular routine of sales. Whether it’s the end of a season or their scheduled semi-annual sale, you should be in know. This can help you make plans for the best times to shop.

Shop the sale first– Check out the sale, clearance, discount sections before you begin your search in the regular priced merchandise. Sometimes you can find exactly what you’re looking for without paying full price.

Do your research– Check out the weekly store publication to see what’s on sale. Make note of the items your need/want and take advantage for the discount. This is also a great place to look for coupons and gather savings on top of savings.

Buy out of season- This is a great time to stock up and get great deals. Stores tend to lower prices on outgoing seasons to clear the floor for the next. So, take advantage of this seasonal opportunity and store items away for the next year.

– Make sure that you are staying focused on what you came for by creating a list and budget. As you shop try sticking to both and prioritizing items you put in your basket.


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