Fashion Violations


I believe that women should use fashion as a form of self-expression. I love to see glimpse of a women’s personality through the way they wear their clothing. But somethings should never happen when it comes to fashion/style. Women should be aware and BEWARE of these fashion no’s:

 Thin leggings- This is never a good thing. I’ve seen women try to remedy this with either wearing thongs or no underwear at all. It even seems that some women are not aware and opt for colorful patterned panties. Please don’t do this. Thin leggings can only be worn with a top or dress that will fully cover your backside. If you want to wear leggings as bottoms, then make sure they are thick enough to provide full and thorough coverage.

 Scuffed or skinned heels/toes– Sometimes this may happen without you knowing. But be mindful of wear and tear on both the front and back of your shoes. Take time to make small modifications or in extreme cases you may have to trash these pair of favorites.

 Dimples– We must utilize shapewear appropriately. This is an important tool to smooth out clothing. It will also help provide a base and eliminate dimples from showing through fitted clothing.

 Yellowing– This is another one that can easily be forgotten. White clothing will often get yellowing from sweat, under the arms and at the collar line of tops. This can be fixed by putting a little vinegar on clothing before putting it in the wash.


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