How to Jazz up Your Work Wear (and still look professional)



When it comes to working in an office setting, there is a certain dress code that most companies set in place for their employees. Sometimes it can be difficult to integrate your personal sense of style when you’re expected to show up in slacks and a button up every day. But don’t fret, I have a few simple and discrete suggestion to jazz up your office attire and not be in dress code violation.

 Belts & buckles-By wearing a belt with a little bling or a fancy buckle can add a subtle spice to your outfit. Please keep in mind not overdo it with extremely large or excessive amounts of embellishments.

Wrist wear– A simple accent that often gets overlooked as an office wear accessory, is a bracelets and cuffs. Since this accessory can come in all sorts of styles, colors, materials, etc. Be mindful to select wrist wear that not only complements you attire but accommodates your work environment.

Broach– This is a classic accessory that often gets forgotten. A broach can become the focal point of your outfit drawing attention away from the everyday basic style.

Outstanding Overs– Overcoats area a great opportunity to add colors, patterns, unique cuts, and materials. Since this item most likely will not be worn all day, you can temporarily show off your sense of style without violating any codes.

 Brave Bags- Like the overcoat, you don’t carry your purse around the office with you all day. Take this opportunity to carry a bag that speaks to your personality, style, and taste. When you walk in and out the office, your will bag will draw attention.


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