Trendy Thrift Ways to Copy Designer Style


Anticipating a variety of fashion week designs can be exciting for fashion lovers. Seeing all the new ideas, trends, and styles walk the runway makes me want to run out and order racks of new designs. Unfortunately, I’m like many working-class individuals who can’t afford to purchase several $10,000 dresses to hang in my closet. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t creative ways to pull together similar looks and rock your own runway style. Here are some great ways to create your designer look.                                

 Do your Research-To mimic designer style, you must be aware of what new looks are being created. Look through current magazine issues, search fashion websites, take note of what your favorite celebrities are wearing on and off the red carpet. This will give you some ideas and inspiration.

 Don’t be Exact– Don’t waste your time looking for affordable versions of the design. This could be a very trying task. As you shop look for similar details that really appeal to you.

 Get the Cuts-Shop for clothing that have similar cuts, shape, or structure.

 Catch the Color-If you are drawn to certain colors or patterns in designer styles, then look for similar shades that can be a close imitation.

 Be a Material Girl– Textures in textiles can make simple style look very intricate. Finding clothing with interesting textures can bring a designer feel to your style.

 Polish Up- Make sure that at the rest of your look is intact. Make sure your skin &/or make up is done well. Consider other elements of your look such as your hair, nails,  accessories and the foundation of your clothing.


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