Holiday Textiles

The Holidays are here and it is time to add a little festivity to your fashion. But you don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money finding holiday attire. By thrifting or even pulling from your closet, you can find the right top, skirt, dress or even accessory to make your outfit holiday ready. While shopping your closet or thrift store you should be looking for items with the following:

Satin-You can you find almost every sort of clothing in satin. From pants to hats, there is a fashion item that is waiting to become a part of your holiday attire. Be mindful of cuts and the style and your ability to keep wrinkles and pleats in their proper place.

Velvet- I love velvet. I don’t wear it often but I just think that it’s so lush. I love the texture and the look it gives to various colors. I advise wearing traditional season colors (red, green, white) but in velvet.

Sequins-It is time to sparkle and shine. As the New Year approaches this will definitely be a favorite. But mixing in a few sequins here and there around Christmas is a great way to make your outfit a bit more festive.

Metallic-This textile is much more diverse than I think some expect. By adding small bits of metallic to your outfit, you can change the style from casual to glam.


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