2016 Fashion Resolution Check-In

So at the start of this year I made a few resolutions for my fashion life.  Of course by March, I had forgotten most of them. But I thought it would be neat to check in to see if I actually achieved any of my yearly fashion goals.
1.       Make more daring shopping decisions
FAIL- For some reason I really focused more on buying staples this year.  I did find a few statement pieces that I really love. But my staple purchases far out-number my daring finds.
2.       Experiment more with mixing patterns (plaid and stripes here I come)
UMM-SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN- I actually tried to do more of mixing and matching this year.  It was definitely in baby steps. But I’m proud to say I stepped out of my comfort zone and now I’m more comfortable with taking on this fashion challenge.
3.       Make more use of the piles of accessories I have stored away
THIS IS IN BETWEEN TOO- Its so easy to fall to the old and faithful accessory items. They never fail your outfit. But I did wear some accessories that had been sitting and collecting dust. Re-organizing my closet helped me to better see what was available for use.
4.     To have fun and enjoy the art of style and dressing
FAIL- Unfortunately, this one didn’t work out for me. Mainly due to my failed weight loss goals this year.  Getting dressed was definitely more work and wasn’t as enjoyable as I hoped.
5.       To rid my closet of poor fashion decisions that don’t suit my personal style or body shape/size.
WIN- I actually did this multiple times this year. I found it to be a big stress relief to de-clutter and purge myself from the things that just didn’t go well with my personal taste or body.
6.       To be less concerned about other’s opinions of my personal style
IN BETWEEN-This one has been really hard to shake. With the demands and expectations of my job, motherhood, and even my business, I have found it hard to truly shake the opinions and dress codes of others. I did have a few moment of fashion freedom but this was far and few in between.
7.         Find a great pair of comfortable red heels 
WIN- I really needed these. I actually haven’t worn them yet. But it’s good to have them available for the times in need them.   

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