What I love about Winter


Baby its cold outside and winter is knocking on the door.  And as much as I hate being in the cold, wet, frosty weather there are a few things I enjoy about this time of year. Here a few of my favorite things about winter.
Sweaters-It’s time to wrap up in warmth.  And this time of year, there’s nothing better than a cozy sweater.
Holiday festivities-As a kid I loved this time of year. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Even now I find myself getting excited about spending time with family, eating real good, and partaking in all the events that only happen this time of year.
Time off-This is a great time to be off of work., especially if you have family in town, shopping or cooking to get done.  I’m never opposed to a few paid days off.
Lumber Jacks-This is the perfect time of year to break out the thick knee high socks.
Snuggling-It’s time to get cozy.  Any chance I get to stack on covers and lay snuggle with my boo is cherished.  When the weather is cold it only makes, me want to snuggle even more.
Scarves– This is an accessory that can be worn almost every season. But there’s nothing like a thick, knitted scarf to keep warm. With the evolution and creativity of styles and styling, this is a great winter accessory to have on hand.

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